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Hiring Process

Hiring Process

At Metro, our goal is to select the "Best of the Best" to join the Metro team. To ensure that we hire the best people, we have developed a structured hiring process. The best way to achieve excellence within an organization is to select and hire top talent through our structured process of pre-screens, interviews and assessments.

Here is our 5 Step Hiring Process:

1. Application - Submit your application and resume online in order to be considered for your desired position. An HR Representative will contact you via email within a few weeks.

2. Initial Interview - We want to get to know you, and this is the best way to do that. Through a panel style interview with the Hiring Manager & HR Specialist/Recruiter, this form of communication will allow you the first opportunity to have a face-to-face meeting with Metro, so it's your time to shine!

3. Assessment - Metro uses assessments to measure skills required to fill positions. If you are applying for one of our elite Bus Operator or Fleet Mechanic roles, you will take this assessment the same day as your initial interview. This will be your next step if you are applying for an Administrative role, this will occur after the Initial Interview. You will be contacted by an HR Representative who will schedule a date for your assessment.

4. Final Interview - Some positions will require a final interview with a different panel of Hiring Managers. This allows time to go into detail about your skills, qualifications and capabilities as they relate to your positon of interest.

5. Decision - If Metro has determined that you are the best person for the role, you will be presented with an offer and a new career path of a life time. However, if you are not selected for the role, Metro offers other positons that you may be interested in pursuing.

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